The participation of 2KM at the 2013 Composites Engineering Show was proven to be a great way to conclude the year. We had the chance to meet many of our existing customers and suppliers as well as get introduced to some new.

PGM | One machine range, many processes!

Bringing with us one of the entry level systems from the Process Gear Mix Range, we were able to demonstrate the range of processes that one system can support. As promised, we were giving away the Polyurethane 2KM coasters made with the machine on display, drawing quite a bit of attention.

Moulding made easy

Making coasters may not be a high end complex moulding operation, but it is representative of the versatility and ease of use, of both Silicones and Polyurethanes.
The 2KM range of Process Gear Mix machines are ideal for plural component dispensing, with the option of further material streams and colour injection, allowing for flexible solutions to specific requirements.
Silicone materials are excellent for mould making processes as they are flexible with a long pot life. Additionally, as they can pick up even the smallest detail from the original master forms, extremely complex shapes can be easily moulded. The ability to quickly produce moulds from a single ‘master’ allows for almost anyone to offer professionally produced moulded parts.

The coasters, moulded for 2KM’s presence at The Composites Engineering Show at the NEC, demonstrate the low cost production of flexible, personalised items. The coasters themselves are moulded from tough Polyurethane, which is demouldable within 15 minutes of casting into a silicone mould. An affordable, adaptable solution for small production runs.

Using static mixers on the entry level 2KM PGM102 allow clean, efficient production with low maintenance needs, making it a versatile dispensing unit and ideal for the first foray into the moulding industry. The 2KM PGM 102 has variable ratio control allowing a vast selection of materials to be processed. From Silicones to Polyurethanes, 2KM can meet your process needs.

You can read about the specific process as well as about our new SilcoStar and two case studies on the LED Lighting and Water Clear Epoxy Resin on our latest Newsletter, In the mix – Q4 2013.

Looking forward to being present again next year!