The Process Gear Mix machines range from 0.01 up to 1000 litres/minute and are typically used in the processing of unfilled or filled epoxies, acrylics, PU elastomers, foams or resins. The applications vary, from the Electric and Electronic Industry, Rapid Prototyping to the most demanding needs of the Offshore Industry.

The mechanic construction of the machines is under constant development and improvement. In the latest versions, the metering stations for the respective components are separated into compact elements for better serviceability and function. The gear pump, pressure sensor, material filter, circulation and measuring valves are now mounted onto one single block. All systems share the common design philosophy of geared drive motors directly coupled to the metering pump.

With the processor controlled systems 2KM uses the latest software technology that offers control and compliance with the highest process safety standards. The system also allows customised software adjustments tailored to company specific demands.

New PGM Brochure

The Process Gear Mix Systems, manufactured in our UK premises, are now presented in a new brochure.
Download here and find an overview of the 2KM PGM range, a presentation of the different levels, and a comparative table to guide you through. If you still have questions why notcontact us ? We love giving answers, but above all, we love giving solutions!