SilcoStar 1950 Overview

The SilcoStar 1950 has been produced to meter mix and dispense the high viscosity Liquid Silicone Rubbers used in the manufacture of high voltage insulators found in the electrical transmission industry.

The 1950 system is connected to a large mould tool and clamp system and the materials metered in under a pre written fill programme to minimise the entrapment of air or the creation of voids. Once the mould is full the system can then pressurise the mould to ensure all cavities are filled.
The system uses large displacement metering pumps driven by servo hydraulic drive system receiving process information from bespoke software loaded into the microprocessor based control system.
The system can be fitted with refillable containers and transfer pumps to give large process capacity before refilling.

Metering technology Servo hydraulically operated piston metering pumps
Ratio range Fixed 100:100 parts by volume
Output (depending on Viscosity) Adjustable to 7,000 cc per minute
Viscosity range 100,000 to 1,000,000 cps
Maximum operating pressures 250 bar
Mixing options High pressure inline static mixer
Metering control Not available
Control systems 2KM Microprocessor controller with 2KM software for ratio control & mould filling
10.1‚ÄĚtouch screen operator interface
Services 64 amp 3 phase + N +E
Options available 2KM clamp units available
Connection to up to 4 moulds
Colour metering system
Refillable containers for constant production
Area of application Industry Process
Moulding Electrical Insulator moulding
Termination system
Typical materials processed: