PowerSpray 5300 Overview

The PowerMix 5300 machine is the variable ratio version of the PowerMix range. The system shares the common metering principle of double acting, high pressure piston pumps operated by in line hydraulic drive cylinders. The 5300 system uses servo drive to each drive motor, enabling the pump speed to be adjusted giving the unit the capability of variable flow and variable ratio.
The system also has the innovative feature of “jumps” at the top and bottom changeover lessening the pressure drop and hence pulsations. This feature keeps the system closer to the required ratio at all outputs.
The 5300 is fed from 205 litre drums via transfer pumps and incorporates full process control via the microprocessor.

Metering technology Servo hydraulic actuation of piston metering pumps
Ratio range 10:100 through 100:100 to 100:10
Output (depending on Viscosity) Up to 5 litres per minute at 100:100 ratio
Viscosity range 200 to 150,000 cps
Maximum operating pressures 350 bar
Mixing options High pressure in line static mixing
Metering control With gear flow meters for ratio monitoring
Control systems 2KM Microprocessor control with data logging
Services 64 A 3 phase + neutral
6 bar pneumatic supply for valve operation
Options available In line and drum heating
Hose packages up to 50 metres
Automatic spray gun operation
Area of application Industry Process
Composites Wind Wind blade finishing
Coating Various Corrosive protection for steel structures
Typical materials processed: