PowerSpray 4060 Overview

Adapted from the high pressure spray systems the 4060 version was manufactured for the processing of high viscosity adhesives directly from the supplied containers.
The metering is carried out by shot metering pumps which are fed by hydraulically operated chop check pumps fitted to follower plates. The nature of the system enables high viscosity products to be metered at high pressure and pumped over long distances.
2 sets of metering pumps are coupled to give a constant material flow.

Metering technology Hydraulically driven, single acting shot pumps
Ratio range Fixed 100:100, 100:50, 100:45 & 100:40
(Others available upon request)
Output (depending on Viscosity) Up to 12 kg/min
Viscosity range 250,000 to 1,000,000 cps
Maximum operating pressures Up to 400 bar
Mixing options In line high pressure static
Metering control Ratio monitoring option
Control systems 2KM microprocessor based system
Services 64 Amp 3 phase power with compressed air for valve operation
Options available Heated follower plates
Variable ratio (4700 series)
Follower plate for low viscosity B
Area of application Industry Process
Composites Wind Energy Application of reinforced or filled adhesives
Coating Marine For the spraying of ships hulls
Typical materials processed: