PolyTool 8320 Overview

This system utilises precision, triple screw, progressive cavity metering pumps to apportion low density materials used in the manufacture of marine plugs or automotive models.

The ceramic lined pumps can generate high pressures while handling the filler gently to prevent damage to the spheres during the metering phase of the process.

Each metering pump is directly coupled to an inverter operated, geared AC motor, enabling ratio adjustment suitable to different materials and flow rates.

The standard system is equipped with a disposable dynamic mixer mounted on a swing arm to position the mixed material over the work area.

Metering technology Positive displacement screw pumps
Ratio range 50:100 through 100:100 to 100:30 (parts by Vol)
Output (depending on Viscosity) 2 to 8 litres per minute
Viscosity range 100,000 to 500,000 cps
Maximum operating pressures 100 bar
Mixing options High pressure static
Rotary static with 4 element disposable mixer
Metering control Not available
Control systems 2KM “easy Use” system with potentiometer adjustment of flow & ratio
Services 16 Amp per phase 3 phase with 6 bar compressed air supply
Options available High capacity ram press
Remote mixer head
Remote wireless box for start & stop
Narrow chassis
Area of application Industry Process
Composites Marine Manufacture of plugs for moulds
Direct tooling for small run part manufacture
Wind Manufacture of plugs
Automotive Prototype vehicle design
Typical materials processed: