Polymix 400 Overview

The PolyMix 400 system has been developed to dispense high viscosity material directly from the supplied container in a controlled and easily adjustable manner.
The system can be formatted to process differing viscosity media using a common gear pump metering eliminating the mixing issues associated with piston pump systems.
One version of the 400 system is designed with refillable containers to allow a compact machine to be replenished from larger containers.
Systems have been produced to process Epoxy, Polyurethane and Silicone. Utilises the 2KM process control system and flowmeters for process security.

Metering technology Inverter controlled, geared AC motor directly coupled to precision gear pump
Ratio range 10 to 100 to 100 to 10 Infinitely variable with like size metering pumps
(Wider ratio range available upon request)
Output (depending on Viscosity) 1 to 4 litres per minute
Viscosity range From 50,000 to 2,000 cps
Maximum operating pressures 150 bar
Mixing options Disposable static mixer to 25mm diameter
Disposable rotary static mixer
Dynamic mixer
Metering control Speed display through pump pick-ups of flowmeters for ratio feedback
Control systems Basic operator interface with potentiometers
2KM Manufactured microprocessor
Bechoff or Siemens PLC
Other PLC options upon request
Services Main drive electrical 400 to 415 volts 3 phase
Compressed air supply for valve operation
Options available Heating on Follower plate of material lines
Refillable containers for use from 205 litre drums
Swing arms for mixer head support
Small compact chassis
Area of application Industry Process
Composites   Processing of conductive epoxies used in filament winding
  Automotive Dispensing of high value, highly viscose 2 pack materials bonding of composite structures
  Packaging Used to dispense high viscosity 1 component silicone from 205 litre drums to smaller containers
Bonding   Used in the wind energy market to void fill dry laminates on wind blades
Typical materials processed: