Polymix 1900 Overview

The PolyMix 1900 range of machines has been developed from the fixed ratio 9020/9220 systems.

The linked drives have been replaced with servo hydraulics, enabling each motor to be independently driven and hence variable ratio.

The range was further evolved for the electrical insulation industry where materials were produced with a high filler content and prepared products supplied in 205 litre drums.

2KM developed a variable ratio, programmable flow system, where the machine can be integrated with a mould clamp and a fill process written and repeated for the specific product.

PolyMix 1900 utilises a proportion hydraulic drive system and refillable containers to ensure production continuity.

Metering technology Servo hydraulic directly driving chops check metering pumps
Ratio range 20:100 through 100:100 to 100:20
Output (depending on Viscosity) 6 litres per minute at 100:100 ratio
Viscosity range Up to 500,000 cps with heating
Maximum operating pressures 300 bar
Mixing options In line, high pressure static mixer with replaceable 32mm diameter mixer elements
Metering control By pressure & linear transducer feedback on cylinder position
Control systems 2KM Microprocessor control with Canbus linked intelligent i/o
Services 18 kW 64 amp 400 Volt
Small compressed air supply for drum change
Options available Refillable from 205 litre drums
Full heating package for mixed material viscosity control
Connection to APG tooling
Clamp units available with moulds for turnkey solution
Area of application Industry Process
Composites Marine Bonding of laminated structures
Automotive Application of structural adhesives
Moulding Electrical Moulding of high voltage insulators
Typical materials processed: