Polymix 1000/2000 Overview

The PolyMix 1000/2000 systems were developed to handle the viscous resins used to bond large composite structures. With the piston metering systems excessive work was put into the material during metering, reducing the open time and therefore compromising the process.

2KM resolved this issue by utilising progressive cavity feeding system linked to large capacity gear pumps rotating at a low speed.
This format of machine enables the high flow rate of viscous adhesives with very little temperature increase.

Metering technology Progressive cavity feeding pumps and gear metering system
Ratio range 20:100 through 100:100 to 100:20
Output (depending on Viscosity) Up to 10 litres per min. (PolyMix 1000)
Up to 20 litres per min. (PolyMix 2000)
Viscosity range Up to 1,000,000 cps
Maximum operating pressures 200 bar
Mixing options High pressure, large bore static mixer with reinforced plastic elements
Metering control Spindle type Screw flowmeters
Control systems 2KM Microprocessor based
Siemens S700 systems
Services 11.5 KW PolyMix 1000
16kW PolyMix 2000
Low consumption compressed air
Options available Refillable containers (2000R)
Towable version with compressor & cable reel
Large swing arm
Area of application Industry Process
Composites Wind Energy Wind Blade production, bonding of shells
Typical materials processed: