PGM 301 Overview

The Process Gear Mix (PGM) 301 uses the twin drive system found in all PGM machine systems. The 301 version utilises precision gear pumps and a PLC control for machine operation.
The 8.6” touch screen enables the input of application information easily. Up to 10 programmes can be entered and easily recalled from the operating screen.
The application’s parameters, including pressure control, are monitored by the PLC. There are also options for material heating, agitation and vessel refilling.

Metering technology Twin Drive Geared AC motors directly coupled to metering pumps
Ratio range 20:100 through 100:100 to 100:20 with like size precision pumps
(Other ranges available by changing pump sizes)
Output (depending on Viscosity) Up to 1800 cc/min at 100:100 pbv
Viscosity range Up to 50,000 cps
Maximum operating pressures 80 bar
Mixing options Disposable static
Disposable rotary static
Hand held dynamic
Machine mounted dynamic
Metering control Optional ratio monitoring by flowmeters
Control systems Bechoff PLC with 8.6” touch display
Services 3 phase + N+ E 16 amp
Options available Standard 24 litre vessels option to 90 litre
Material heating & agitation
Flow meters for ratio monitoring
Area of application Industry Process
Moulding Electrical enclosures Laying of foam gasket
  Casting Prototyping
Film props
Automotive dunnage
Filter production
Prosthetic limbs
  Aerospace RTM process
Laminating Medical Coating of substrates
Filament winding
Coating Industrial Spray application of fast reaction PU
Bonding   Low viscosity methacrylate materials
PU adhesion for filters
Typical materials processed:
Epoxy Methacrylate