PCM Laminat LH Overview

To process solvent based laminating adhesive directly from the supplied containers, 2KM developed the Process Control Mix (PCM) LH.
This system utilises a batch metering system based around precision flowmeters. This format allows the operator to enter up to 50 recipes into the control system and recall them at the touch of a button. This coupled with the variable volume programme enables batch sizes to be tailored to the job being ran on the laminating system.
The materials are fed to the mixing stations via air operated transfer pumps drawing materials from 1000 litre IBC or 205 litre drums. These materials enter the mixing vessel via pneumatic inlet valves and the materials passing through flowmeters.

Metering technology Batch metering with flowmeters
Ratio range 100:1:10 to 100:100:100
Output (depending on Viscosity) Up to 7 kg/min
Viscosity range 200 to 10,000 cps
Maximum operating pressures 100 bar
Mixing options Mix vessel mounted agitators
Metering control By gear flowmeters
Control systems 2KM Microprocessor or PLC with touch screen interface
Services 240 volt single phase
6 bar 13mm pneumatic supply
Options available High flow transfer pumps for 12 kg/min
Interface with existing solvent supply
Data logging
Area of application Industry Process
Laminating Packaging Bonding of foils and printed media for the food & medical packaging industries
Typical materials processed:
Polyurethane based laminating adhesives