PCM EasyBatch Overview

The “Easy Batch” is the entry level system for the processing of plural component laminating adhesives blended with a suitable solvent.
The unit can handle wide metering ratios as the materials are apportioned over a large batch size.

The components are blended after each metering stage to meet the material suppliers’ application criteria.
The system is ATEX rated to enable it to handle flammable solvents and comes complete with diaphragm pumps for material supply with the solvent coming from the end users existing ring main.
Material batches of up to 25 litres can be apportioned and dispensed to the laminator.

Metering technology Batch metering by weighing of components
Ratio range 100:100: through to 100:10:100
Output (depending on Viscosity) 2 to 3 litres per minute
Viscosity range Up to 1000cps
Maximum operating pressures 6 bar
Mixing options Electrical material agitation
Metering control Yes by weight
Control systems Micro plc controller
Services 415 volt 3 phase 5 Amp supply
Options available None
Area of application Industry Process
Laminating Packaging Laminating of foils
Typical materials processed:
Polyurethane based laminating adhesives